☆ Galaxy Keyboard DIY ☆ So Tumblr very wow

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Sorry I’ve been a bit afk lately, dealing with a lot of hard stuff, plus getting a new job, just a lot is happening and youtube just happened to not be super important atm 🙁
I have some new videos coming, I just need to find the time to edit them, and I have a lot of ideas to new videos, but time is not on my side as it is right now.


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Snapchat: inspektorpink (with a k, not c like here)

Mail: frida.allwin@live.se
(both for business and other)

(Just started to use this so we will se how it goes…)

I don’t use Tumblr (anymore), I don’t blog anymore, I don’t have an “official facebook”.


Edit in: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Camera: Canon EOS 600D

Music provided by NoCopywriteSounds
Retrovision – Heroes
Tabu – Candyland
Balcos – A New Light



Where do you live?
Stockholm, Sweden

How old are you?
I’m born april 20th 1994

How big are your ears?
They used to be 38 mm (which is 1 1/2 inch) but now I don’t know.

How big is your septum?
3,2 mm x 10 mm

What you you work with?
I just got a new job and…it’s classified secret government stuff. Not joking, and I’m not allowed to say more than that.


All opinions stated in this video is my own and only mine. I’m never affected by anything, especially since I don’t make any money doing YouTube.

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