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This is a pretty hard fight, slightly more difficult than The Great King Bowser in my opinion. For this battle, I really recommend that you complete each challenge individually, it will relieve a lot of stress and ultimately make things easier.

[Phase 1]

In the first phase of the battle, Kamek will take on the appearance of the Tin-Can Condor. This battle is sort of similar to the Tin-Can Condor, except for the fact we don’t have a magnet to hit him with. Since one of the challenges is to not let any platform fall, I recommend to jump at all times. You can stay at a platform for a little while without making it fall down, but I like to jump as many times as I can to avoid “slacking off” and accidentally wait to long and make a platform fall.

At the start of the fight he will shoot out spiky balls. The Blue ones roll on the ground, yellow ones will bounce, and then Shy Guys will come out for us to snack on. Be sure to grab at least one Shy Guy so we have an egg ready. Now he will do a paper plane attack, which is not too hard to avoid.

After the attack he’ll be vulnerable to damage, and we can throw an egg at him. I like to flutter in the air and aim and shoot an egg at him, but you can also stand on a platform and do it. Be sure not to stand around for too long though or the platform will give in!

[Phase 2]

In his first attack we need to avoid the rulers coming our way. Be wary of the electric ones, as one touch will make us take damage. There is also a Shy Guy in the midst of the attack, so try to devour the guy if you are out of eggs (or want more). Kamek will then try to bite you, so go either left or right to avoid it.

Now he will shoot out pencils that will drop from the sky. This part can be a little tricky to not make a platform fall down, since we need to move around left and right a lot, which is tough to do in the air. During this attack, Kamek will pop up and be vulnerable to damage, but I’d refrain from attacking him immediately. Waiting to the point where the pencils become bigger is ideal, since you will have more room to move around and avoid getting hit.

Kamek can pop out either by the front or the back of the train, and that depends on where we stand. If we are on the left of the screen he’ll pop by the front of the train, and vice versa if we stand to the right. If you want to focus on just completing the time challenge, I recommend just shooting him with and egg the moment you can, since you can shave off a few seconds not having to wait for the pencils to get bigger.

[Phase 3]

In his first attack, he’ll drag cars along the ground. We need to jump over them, which can be somewhat tricky. We will get the most height of the jump when we are at the apex of the flutter jump. When we press and hold the jump button while in the air, Yoshi will gain some height very briefly, before quickly descending. So a very brief moment of starting to hold the jump button again, is when Yoshi will be at the highest point.

Knowing this, it’s just a matter of timing it correctly with the speed of the approaching car. It’s a very precise jump, but I promise that after practicing a little bit, you’ll most likely get through this part unscathed every time.

After this, Kamek will shoot rockets. Here we need to flutter jump a lot to get through. Here we can also devour another Shy Guy – sweet! In his last attack he will throw some cogs our way, which it’s best avoided by staying under them. After that, he’ll be vulnerable to an egg, and we can move on to the final phase.

[Phase 4, Go-Go Yoshi]

This is most likely the hardest phase. Here Kamek will be ahead of us and shoot a bunch of enemies our way. Since we are in Go-Go Yoshi form, we need to use the glove to defend ourselves. The enemies here follow a pre-determined pattern, that is the same every time. This means that we can memorize where and when the enemies will come, making everything a lot easier.

Spamming the attack button won’t make us punch faster, in fact it will go much slower. Spamming the attack button will result in a slight “stutter”, which means that there will be a few frames where we won’t be able to protect ourselves from the enemies. To remedy this, I recommend keeping a nice tapping rhythm, not too fast, but not too slow either. First try to find a rhythm that is really fast, so you understand what the stutter is, then gradually tap slower and slower until you feel that the stutter is gone. After that, keep remembering that rhythm as well as you can so you feel confident in it. The more you play this segment, the better you will become.

If we were to fail to hit back every plane, Kamek’s attack will repeat itself, and we’ll lose a lot of time (therefore it’s best to restart).

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  1. In case you don't know, Kamek has several similarites to Zant, a villain from The Legend of Zelda: Twllight Princess. Both have violent mood swings and are dressed to a cloak, and seek to restore a higher being who was sealed away. They also both wind up more insane than they initially appear.


  3. This is all I have left to do before I give the 317 smiley flowers so I have to do this as I have 314 so I really need these last 3 on this stage only its twice as difficult for me because I'm doing this with 2 players from start to finish 😬

  4. Hey man thanks for the guide! I finally beat the boss challenges with a time of 2:49. For me, the gator train part was the toughest part for me for not taking any damage from the pencils and the go go Yoshi part was the part I always screw it up but thanks to you I finally was able to beat this and I finally 100% Yoshi's Crafted world. Thanks you so much!

  5. Thank you so much I know i am late but this video helped me complete this game 100% thank you so much 😊 I

  6. I know my limits, regrettably I will never 100% this game…97% is all I’m capable of and watching this video cements that as an undeniable fact. My hands and brain will never work fast enough together to memorize patterns and make the correct moves accordingly. It sucks so bad, Yoshi is my favorite marioverse character and I’ve never been good enough to 100% any of the Yoshi games. This is the closest I’ve come to 100%.

  7. I beat the boss challenge for the second time even I was half a second slower but this time the gator train was the hardest part and the go go yoshi was 10 times easier than last time. It took 2 hours and I struggled to not let platforms fall but I succeeded and beat the thing in 2:46 and didn’t take any damage and I also did it without platforms falling in the same round.

  8. I finally did it! The “Clear without taking any damage” challenge was my very last smiley flower! That Go Go Yoshi phase was SO unfair, especially the last part. Thanks for your help!

  9. Thank you so much for making this! This was super helpful (especially for the terrible Go-Go Yoshi), and so was your Great King Bowser Guide!

  10. I want to thank you so much for making these guides. If it wasn't for you, I would never have beaten Spike, Bowser, or Kamek's boss challenges, du to them all having tricks I didn't even know. I did not know you could interrupt Spike's ivy attack in phase 2 (got the bonus challenge when he was sending waves of ivys at me), I didn't realize you could knock Bowser back from the sides in his mega form, and I didn't know that you had to time your attacks in the Go-Go Yoshi part on Kamek. You saved me so much grief, and I am so grateful for that


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