5 Minute Basketball Stretching Routine with Coach Alan Stein


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Pro performance coach Alan Stein reveals a simple 5-minute stretching sequence for basketball players that can be done on the floor, with limited space.

You can use this routine in the morning, after workouts, and before bed to increase flexibility and decrease your risk of injury.

This basketball stretching routine can be several times a week.

Hold each movement for a 10 count.

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  1. Ay cuz I live in Detroit and I play street ball y’all think they boutta mock me if I do this I tell you what happens

    Edit: damn they calling me yoga mom now

  2. Hey I’m having trouble doing stretches where my leg has to go back, like that pretzel stretch. What do I do to make it possible to do these? Even doing standing stretches where you can’t kick your leg back, I can’t do

  3. Man it sucks getting old. Been playing ball most of my life. Took a year break. Starting to get back on the court and my lower back seems to tighten up instantly causing all kinds of handicaps in my game. Will this help? Anything else you can recommend would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  4. Static stretching is ok to do before a work out but it decreases performance because ur muscles will be too relaxed so do dynamic stretching first and then at the end of the workout, do static stretching

  5. Coach reply as soon as you can.In the description you said I can do these exercises several times a week.Actually how many times?Can I practice 6 days a week?

  6. This is off topic but I’m doing a jump program for 12 weeks 3 days a week and I was asking do you think I should I lift on my legs and explosive workouts on my legs during my rest days 2 days per week?


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