7 Days To Die, but we only have 3 Days


The zombies rush in.
Full VOD:

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We are living out in the Zombie Apocalypse, trying to make the best of our survival – but instead of the hoard arriving in 7 days, we only have 3? And with these numbskulls? Yikes, it’s going to be a rough time.

The Survivors are
Bahroo :
BrettUltimus :
Tomato :
Lawlman :
Gmart :
Strippin :
Benji :
TheGooch : :
Sput :

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  1. Me: "Oh yeah, this could be fun with a g…"

    Also me: (Remembers the abuse of people in the game that have a dumb habit of tryharding and bragging it and complain when I try to get better gear or get more ready for blood moon, not thinking I could survive anything at all, at one point even getting kicked off a server because they were mad that I just didn't want to do blood moon alone.)
    Finally me: "Nevermind…"

    (But seriously, fuck tryhards and their "I could survive Blood Moon with ONE prep day!" Herpa derp!" kind of people. Gratz, you are a pro, I didn't even have 100 hours into the game.)

  2. I’m not all too happy on the count that Criken put on a southern accent and has a dark skinned character calling him master


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