Age of Wonders Planetfall : Crikbot's Buggy Blunder (ft. Tomato)


Sponsored by the folks at Paradox Interactive, check out the game for yourself here:

Watch the full VOD:

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Crikbot is on a rampage and Tomato’s gotta keep em’ in check! Bugs bugs everyone, spreading their blight through the planet – and while dragons may not be an issue, Crikbot’s faulty program is! Will Tomato survive Crikbot’s errors??

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Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. Saw this game on the store page and never paid any attention to it but it actually looks pretty cool, the combat zooming into the battlefield and being more like xcom than civ is really cool. Thanks, Crik

  2. Are you allowed to be 100% honest in these sponsored videos? If the game is fucking garbage, can you tell viewers that it sucks? I sure hope so. If not, you're dishonestly manipulating public perception of games.

  3. plot twist,

    tomato was actually playing this alone with a text to speech program 'cause none of his friends want to play with him.

  4. planetfall 1, meteor storm destroyed everyone

    planetfall 2's players deemed too cancerous, despite an excellent game

    planetfall age of wonders, halo wars II + spore + clash of clans = alL HaiL ThE hIVe QuEEN

  5. Tomato's voice reminds me of Bender at certain moments. If you don't know who Bender is, you can bite my shiny metal a-

  6. ok this is just a tomato video(when he actually used to make fucking videos) the humor is the same
    the editing the gags
    the only differense is criken bot2

  7. >play as the pacifist species
    >immediately declare your intent to genocide every other race

    Yeah, this is pretty on brand.

  8. I think Criken was killed my tomato and he replaced criken with "Crik bot"
    tomato has suffered enough at the hands of criken.

  9. You know, that super-annoying robot voice might have actually been slightly tolerable if it weren't saying "Criken said" every 3 fucking seconds. Not that it really matters, the game sucked balls anyway, that's why Criken wasn't in it.

  10. This is the kind of video I want someone to make an animation of. The adventures of tomato and Jessica the robot

  11. Love you criken but that computer voice…lol id rather have a billion insectoids spawn in my ear to drown out the sound


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