Among the Sleep: Criken's Scream Stream


In this episode, Criken streams Among the Sleep on hard mode. Every time a viewer subscribes during the stream, it causes a super loud jump scare sound to play and freak Criken the fuck out.

This video was recorded off of one of Criken’s livestreams over at: hence the unusual webcam. I know there’s been a slow down in content production lately but I’m planning to release an update video in a short while that should explain whats been going on… Should be starting to get better in the next month or so.

Thanks for the patience, guys!

As always, I’ll update news on my channel / life via Twitter:


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  1. 'Waaaah Facecam ruining my life/childhood/free livestream that someone CHOSE to do for entertainment purposes'
    Quit whining you dumbasses

  2. criken bro don't even worry about what people say you can be you and I have to say that it takes balls to show your face on a stream and not feel self-conscious and I'm glad to see that you did this keep on going criken. 🙂

  3. Luigi's mansion music. I love you. That was probably the best game that relied on a gimmick, it was such a good gimmick, it's hard to notice how gimmicky the vacuum is.

  4. a littlelate for this but still thought I'd make my comment nonetheless
    All the complaints, and eventually people came around who complained about people complaining,
    one day someone will emerge who will complain about the people complainers, and thy will be known as pcc's.Though all this would do is continue the cycle of hate, until that pcc finds a commenter named Draconfound who comments on the ending and called it great! (I would give that a like I found it funny 10/10 imo) together they would gather other commenters who also commented on the video and was there to enjoy themselves and form a guild called Commenter Brigade, and find the comment to bring them all what they truly wish for. Another great Criken video!
    Next time on .youtubecomments//Criken episode 3 !
    (Freaking ripoffs amirightguys?)

  5. the comments are just,"why the face cam criken,you are trying to be pewdiepie".no hes just letting his subs see his reaction.

  6. So, let me get this strait… there are people who are angry over someone's face on a video. That is such an insignificant thing to be mad over. Maybe we should focus on bigger problems guys.


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