ArmA 3 ► Swedish Armed Forces, Mod Review


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Thanks so much for watching everyone, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


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  1. So.. This should be an accurate mod for the sweden army?
    Where is the majestic Strv103? Ivk91? Ikv105?
    Strf9040 with all the different version first of all the command/scout version with the fake autocannon?!!?!?!??!?
    All the cold era jets? Dafuq…
    Ah also the Archer and the world's heaviest self-propelled artillery: Bandkanon 1

  2. the things i dont like in ur vids u judge the sound even though it kinda sound like default sounds i mean its guns not realy waaayyyy to difrent but cool vid loved it pretty good like them tough realy KANON

  3. its tragic that all the stuff he put up on the airstrip is basically the entire swedish armed forces literally

  4. This dude is not the kind of guy who should do this kind of videos. he sounds bored af and doesn't know shit about the military i mean all guns in the swedish army exept for the ak 5 models and the k-pist are license made from usa or england and he can't spot a single model. and he though the modern day kevlar helms and ak5s where from ww2, hilarious. i guess i shouldn't expect much cuz he's american xD

  5. While I like this mod, I have to disagree with the stuff being detailed. I appreciate the fact we have a Swedish Forces mod at all, since I'm Swedish myself. But those are some of the ugliest stuff I've seen for ArmA 3, hell, there are ArmA 2 assets that look far better.

    Sure, the actual model is alright on most of them, but the textures are just awful. They're nothing but a low resolution blurry mess. Not to mention they're not even using all of the different texture maps such as specular. Instead it seems like they just went wih the standard diffuse map and nothing else.

    All in all, it honestly feels as if they just imported models from another game.

    That said, I still like it, since it's the only one out there. And I love my CV90 and AK4. 😀


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