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Here is a link to our website with a workout breakdown as well.

This video takes viewers through a series of dynamic stretches, or dynamic warm up moves that combine the benefits of traditional warm ups and static stretching. After completing this seven-stage series, players should gain improved circulation, greater flexibility, and better oxygen delivery to the muscles, and they should be ready for any intense workout. These moves specifically target basketball players, since they address lateral motion and agility, but they can also apply to athletes in any sport including track, football, and lacrosse.

The first five moves include the toy solider, the toy soldier RDL combo, the slide, the reverse lunge and twist, the quad stretch, and the glute walk. These can be executed with no additional resistance. The final two moves in the set—the resisted toy solider RDL combo and the high knee run, will be completed with the Kbands strapped in place around the upper legs.

For more information on the benefits of dynamic stretching, and more on how to apply the Kbands resistance training equipment to any effective workout, viewers can visit Kbands


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  1. How far should I do these stretches too? For example, should I do these from the baseline to half court? And how many reps should I do with each stretch? Thank you!

  2. As specialist, I'm sure Nobaskeron Secrets is actually great way to become a better player. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too.

  3. I was a little concerned you'd try to sell me something then I'd just turn it off, but you did not. You kept to the idea that we need to be ready, dynamically, for practice. We need to get the body moving relatively quickly, and these movements are the best movements for this sport. All round, I call you a GIVER, a mensch, a person who is more interested in preventing injury to people who just wanna play, than a person who wants to make money, and therefore I recommend this video.

  4. Love the video – thanks for sharing.  I plan to use every one of these warm-up exercises with my team.  The demonstrations and explanations (with key points) are awesome.


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