Black Ops Zombies: Many Modded Maps Ft. Jerma & Uberhaxornova


Who would of thought there were MORE?!
Watch the full VOD:

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People said it couldn’t be done – I mean another Black Ops Zombie stream? Who could handle gameplay of this magnitude? It’s time to get a REAL gamer squad together, if ya know what I’m sayin’!

Gamer Squad:
James :

Edited by Spencer (Yabaecip):


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  1. The fact that jerma is making friends with all these other youtubers while star mostly still streams by himself really shows who was the more charismatic one in their duo.

  2. Man, they really wasted their time on that Map. Scumbag didn't put ANY love into making that map and it reflected well on his channel banners.

  3. Кто от канала деп пожалуста ответьте мне деп покинул нас и будит снимать видео он занимается своими хобби пока деп!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. JAMES MY DUDE I LOVE YOUU ……i left cowchop when you did you were the only thing holding it up for me XD

  5. Nova legit has been my fav YouTube lets player/gamer since I was 13 I don’t even watch cow hop cause it isn’t the same without him lol nice to watch a video with him in it again.

  6. fast food franchises design and release maps in order to covertly advertise fast food to stoned gamers
    [hits blunt]

    I'm hungry

  7. "There's clearly meme maps, and then there's like potentially good maps, and then there's like somewhere in the middle."

    Absolutely correct on what the bo3 workshop is like.

  8. 1:28 it's not a plug most likely, it might be made for youalwayswin, not by them, but they're a fairly popular channel.

  9. Criken, Tomato, and Nova were enough to make me super happy, then I saw fucking JERMA and I passed out, what a dream team.


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