Bloodborne: Edwad Emberpants the Diseased [Ep. 3]


Ever wunder why dey callem emberpants??
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Edwad’s back babyyyy! And this time he’s rockin that sweet Blooborne look! Welcome back everyone and hope you’re ready for a whoooole new season of Edwad Emberpants! We’re going to be streaming this entire season on my twitch channel over at so if you want to watch along live with everyone and participate in the fun, be sure to hollow that follow button!

The Cinderteers:
Criken as Edwad Emberpants –
VaatiVidya as Officer Vaabi –
Bedbananas as a spectral voice not in the game –

This wonderful video is edited by Shaynehawke!


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  1. ever wunder why dey callbem emberpants??
    Get yer official Edwad merch ►►
    Watch the previous Edwad Episode ►►

  2. Elden Ring better have multiplayer, because if Criken doesn’t do Edwad Demon Souls, Elden Ring will be our last chance for Edwad’s glorious return.

  3. Al doh he gone, Edwad still live in the heart of does who watches Edwad, and where he be will be praised after dah 2 years

  4. Edwin Firetrousers or similar would've sounded nice! Idk
    A new character could've been nice also, since the characters didn't seem authentic as much and the roleplaying didn't seem to flow like in the first half of ds3. I get the difficulty to keep it going, the demand and the (sometimes ironic?) milking of it (and the BB online…), but idk it left me a bit bummed out. Not that my feelings matter or anything for this. It's just such a happy show to watch once in awhile when I feel fucked over, hurt, terrified, in survival stress and so on for too long. I shouldn't be too attached or rely too much on entertainment like that.

    I absolutely loved most of the series, though! It was pretty amazing overall! And thanks that helps sometimes. Things have been really awful here and I couldn't find anything that felt ok at all to watch.

  5. Could we bring Edwad, the "sexual goddess", back for just one more episode. I know it's been years but I always keep that "ember" of hope alive that he'll come back just for one last goodbye. I need closure dammit.

  6. 2 years have passed.

    The echoes still sound in my head…


    Another man would have succumbed and become a beast, loping away into the night to follow other Youtube channels.

    But not I. For I have faith.

    I have faith in Edwad.

  7. Here's to hoping he will return someday.
    Remember everybodghy:
    We were born of the 'wad, made men by the 'wad.


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