Breaking Grand Theft Auto IV – Part 1


Am not a barn. I’m a human.

Part 2 Here:

I’ve come to notice many of the funniest moments in video games occur when we exploit glitches or cheats to make unscripted events happen or otherwise break the game. So with the help of the trainer mod, we went at GTA IV like the playground it is and really juiced it for all it had to offer. As a result we came up with time travel, 0 gravity transformers, helicopter flinging contests, shopping cart races, swag, and a lot more.

For any of you who wish to try out this GTA Trainer Mod yourself, here’s a download link:

Voices in this episode:
-Criken (White Text)
-Skippy (Red Text)
-Boon (Tan Text)
-StEvE-O (Blue Text)
-Taquito Brown (Purple Text)
-DOWNS_CHICKEN (Yellow Text)
-Proudly Infected (Pink Text)

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*Personal Note*
As this is my “100th video” many of you expressed that you wanted me to make it ‘special’. After coming out of a pretty serious back surgery in early May, I’ve had a pretty arduous recovery and not felt well enough to edit a video together or even play games on my own. Still, I worked to edit this video together in the last few weeks of my recovery and in that way my 100th video is very ‘special’ to me. Thank you and enjoy.


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  1. Ah this takes me back man. I remember I’d be watching this in my best friend’s basement. I’d be laughing to the point of constant tears. Still friends with him to this very day and we still love watching you Criken. You’re the best, can’t wait for you to hit that 1 Million sub mark! Favorite subscription ever.

  2. I’ve been looking for this video for 6 years, I can’t put into words how glad I am that I found this.


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