Breaking GTA V: Freedom Fightin' Franklin


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Franklin may have been born with no bones but hes definitely got a heart of gold. Halt now! Crime! Your dastardly days are at an end at the hands of my limp limbs rubbing into you with great FRICTION!

Next part of Breaking GTA V coming soon…

The mods of this video were developed by HelixSnake, give em a looksy if you’re interested in playing with them too!

Video edited by the talented NeoCranium:

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Music (In order):
Red Bread – Valve Studio Orchestra
Intruder Alert – Valve Studio Orchestra
Credits eSports – Roundabout OST
Championship Cup – Hajime Wakai
Anyone – Disasterpiece (Sped up times 14)
Father – Disasterpiece (Sped and pitched up times 14)
The Island – Jonah Senzel
Escape – Jonah Senzel
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt – Yellowman


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  1. you know whats sad…….that helicopter shouldent have blown up…………Thats just GTA5 removing tails off helicopters breaking off………I love it when games regress

  2. You can use Franklin's body as a ram and smash into Hao's car as much as you want, but you kick his car ONE TIME and its Mission Failed.

  3. "okay agent floppy noodle boneless BE PREPARED FOR A BATTLE" franklin fly's after the helicopter (Franklin:"LAWS OF PHYSICS DON'T APPLY TO MEEEEEEEE"

  4. Being at work watching this shit has to be the worst idea I've ever had, gotta try so hard not to fucking bust out laughing

  5. I was eating something and at the moment Franklin begin using his powwah….I notice myself again on the bed at the nearby clinic….


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