Candleman: Escaping Thomas Edison


Thanks to Zodiac Interactive for sponsoring this video. Check out their new game Candleman: The Complete Journey here!

Candleman is the classic adventure of a waxxy shoe boy fleeing the ravenous clutches of Thomas Edison and his industrial bulbs. It’s a pretty cute title despite the brutal self immolation!

Thanks to Tomato for co-hosting this Journey with me! Check out his stuff here:

Thanks to Shayne for editing and dealing with us always:


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  1. hay buddy, kan i borrow some blood to get the kar the last few miles? just a few pints my dude, no biggie?

  2. If Thomas Edison ate candles and tomato was eating a candle souffle does that mean tomato is Thomas Edison?

  3. A surpsingly good China-developed game. Thank god it is coming to the PS4, cause aside from Icey, Shio and Light Tracer, a lot of china developed games on the PS4 ranges from mediocre to terrible.

  4. Just the image of Thomas Jefferson, in a fit of rage, scarfing candles down his throat really makes me laugh.

  5. it wasn't just lightbulbs that killed candles. John D. Rockefeller made Kerosene a light source before Edison and Tesla


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