Chivalry Battle Royale: Criken Wins the Arena?


The Battle Royale is split up between a series of free for all arena matches and one big team objective battle. This video is a montage of the highlights from our fighting in the arena. The purpose of the free for all was to establish which of us was the best player for team balancing reasons. After the teams were picked, we divided into two Skype calls and played out a team objective game.

The main event:

A special thanks to HuskyStarcraft who actually streamed the event on Monday. (Blue text in the video was taken from his perspective on the stream) You can watch the full thing with his commentary for yourself here:

Combatants of the Battle Royale:
-Criken (
-TotalBiscuit (
-The Yogscast (
-HuskyStarcraft (
-Sidestrafe (
-JesseCox (
-Jefmajor (
-MeatWagon (
-Gunns4Hire (
-Dodger (

Songs used:
-Duel Zone (Super Smash Bros)
-Mute City (Super Smash Bros Melee)
-Mushroom Kingdom Finale (Super Smash Bros Melee)
-Mushroom Kingdom (Super Smash Bros Melee)
-Mushroom Kingdom II Finale (Super Smash Bros Melee)
-World Clear (Super Mario Bros)

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  1. Combined military of everyone in the world: looks at Criken we gotta a chance
    Criken: pulls out two-handed sword
    Combined military of everyone in the world: nope nope nope nope lets revise that decision.

  2. When you think some one is good at chivalry but then you realise they're using the maul…

  3. We learned three things from this video and the main event 1 simon sucks ass 2 criken OP 3 Simon sucks AAAAAAASSSS

  4. I never say anything like this… But everyone there… sucked. It's all Mouse1 spam and hope to get lucky. 😐 Sometimes stop for a parry.

  5. Lol, I never noticed this when I first watched this video, at 5:33, look at Simon's (Honeydew's) score.

    Only 6 kills that entire time XD

  6. I recently started playing this game  and I decided to use Criken's strategy of just using the hammer.
    it worked, I was getting top ranks and pissing people off. everyone fears the hammer

  7. Criken in first, with Jesse in second. Two of my favorite YouTubers. I've tearing up dragons in Skyrim lately using my Battleaxe, Gr33naxe.


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