Chivalry: Criken 'Trains' for the Battle Royale


Criken is challenged to a Battle Royale between 10 popular GameStation directors. He’s trained hard, but will he win? Tune in next Friday to find out!

I’m a pretty big fan of some of these guys so naturally I’m looking forward to bashing their heads in. The actual battle will be occurring on Monday but I’ll be working hard to get a video of my perspective out next Friday. Wish me luck!

Directors in the Battle Royale:

-Criken (
-TotalBiscuit (
-The Yogscast (
-HuskyStarcraft (
-Sidestrafe (
-JesseCox (
-Jefmajor (
-MeatWagon (
-Gunns4Hire (
-Dodger (

-Criken (White Text)
-Waddy (Purple Text)
-Oats (Blue Text)
-what you are thinking (Yellow Text)

Training song: Big Blue – Super Smash Bros Melee



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  1. when criken's a knockin', don't come a rockin'. that is purposefully reversed, because give this guy a hammer, his opponents will be retardedly brain-damaged before the day is done.

  2. The mighty Criken does not train.
    He merely sits, surrounded by his collection of decapitated heads shining his hammer, awaiting the next battle.

  3. no criken won the arena and both him and TB were on the same team in the assault and they ended up drawing over all.

  4. I like how he got all of the best parts of his collective matches and not most of the fails. Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiken! (x


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