Chivalry: Criken's Cowardly Crusade

Chivalry Timbers! Criken’s Cowardly Crusaders take the fight to the filthy peasants in this montage of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Gore and hilarity await, so view at ye own risk.

Watch with inexplicable awe as the cleansing power of the ballista elevates us to new heights of enlightenment. Gasp in horror at the many many many times we kick each other off cliff sides. Cheer and laugh with the faithful soldiers of the Mason Order, or scream nonsensically with the Agatha Knights. When all is said and done, we hope your pretty eyes enjoyed the show and stay tuned for more to come.

Link to game:

Musical Accompaniment:
-Banjo Tooie (Wonderwing Theme)
-Diddy Kong Racing (T.T.’s Theme)
-Only Time (by Enya)

Cowardly Crusaders:
-Sir Criken (White Text)
-Sir Skippy (Red Text)
-Sir Waddy (Purple Text)
-Sir Boon (Pink Text)
-Sir Shayne Hawke (Yellow Text)
-Sir Industrial (Blue Text)
-Sir Artyom (Green Text)
-Filthy Peasants and everything else (Black Text)

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