Chivalry: The Medieval Warfare Waltz

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All the mods we played on are available for free on the Steam Workshop, links at the end of the video!

Criken returns to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with his big swinging hammer! This time with a delightful waltz scoring the horror and gore of a homicidal skeleton knight…. You may notice some funky stuff in this video, most of it is a result of messing about in Chivalry’s Steam Workshop page to find some entertaining mods. Most notably- The Black Knight Mod (keep fighting without your limbs) and the Giant Slayers Mod (kill enemies to grow larger). We had a lot of fun clobbering little people in here so I recommend giving them a shot if you like the game!

Johann Strauss II – The Blue Danube Waltz

Voices (In order of appearance):
Criken – White Text
Murphh – Green Text
Ruckus – Pink Text
Hero_Swe – Light Blue Text
Anonymous – Black Text
Casualties – Yellow Text
Da Xing – Grey Text

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