CRAZY LOOPS – Nitronic Rush – (Part 20)



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Honestly one of the best games I’ve played all year, I really can’t say anything sucks about this game. It’s fun, original, challenging, well designed and interesting, with a great soundtrack.

If only something like this came along more than once or twice a year, but for now at least, you definitely owe it to yourself to go download this game (it’s free!) and play it.

Game link:

Other websites about the game: and

Musicians for the game: and

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  1. lol i do games regardless of era, i have 30+ series on my channel that are extremely popular/mainstream/current games, i just do a lot of retro and obscure stuff because when i DO do the popular/mainstream/current stuff, 9 times out of 10, my viewers get bored of it real fast, haha.

    and i'll eventually try it out as i've gotten about 500 requests for it haha, but being that it's an adventure game, one of the genres i dislike the most, i'm not sure i'll enjoy it much

  2. Azurite, I highly suggest doing a Let's Play of The Walking Dead. Sure, it violates the whole "Retro" and "Obscure" genre that you most popularly do. But I assure you, the viewers will like it and so will you.

  3. Before I saw that you made the jump, I paused the video, opened Nitronic Rush to see if I could do it, succeeded after about four tries of trial and error, and planned to do it again, record it, and show it as a video response lol.

  4. Azurite you already made the channel, how are you still thinking about the name? you can't change your mind about the channel name after you've made the account?

  5. Dude, Dez, Thank you for introducing me to this game.
    You should probably try to play this with an X360 controller dude, I've got one and it's fun as a bag of dicks on fire!

  6. Hey Dez, I got a free copy of DOTA 2 and I can't think of anybody else than you in my friends list on Steam that plays games like DOTA or LoL, tell me if you're interested.

  7. Azurite, did you hear a man was shot because he was trying to stop and arguement between two women, one of which was the sister of one of our fellow youtubers, Ivan, AKA TheEnd, and his sister held the door open for the other women, and she didn't say thank you, and she said she would get her brother, someone named DeShawn, and he threatened to shoot someone and he shot the soon to be, U.S. Navy recruit. Sick people in this world.

  8. what if the unsubscribing thing is a huge trollfest
    and everyone is just doing this to see how many times you can mention it in your videos, thinking its a glitch

  9. I didnt get this video in my youtube page, and it looks like it's been out for a while, thank god for facebook

  10. Nope, It's pretty ridiculous, actually, I've provided mountains of proof as have many other people, but still nothing has been done.

  11. LOL I'm not intentionally unsubscribing people, it's youtube's poor coding
    Why in the world would I personally do that? I made an entirely separate channel that'll become my main channel soon just because of this issue (and the numerous other problems plaguing my channel), forcing me to abandon this channel.

  12. Apparently it's a Youtube glitch. It would hardly suprise me, seen as it's also preventing half his videos to be seen.

  13. I've noticed that from all the people I'm subed to that I don't get all their videos. What tends to happen is that I get some of them that appear in my box thing. Those tend to be videos that relate to things I "like" aka, what youtube thinks I watch normally. I think this whole subscrition problem might just be youtube guessing on what you like to watch. Then again I could be completely wrong and it could be something else, but hey, I can at least give my thoughts on the subject.


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