Criken Plays: Amnesia the Dark Descent Part 3


I lost my composure a bit this time…

Click here for Part 2:

Part three of the embarrassing series from Criken’s attempted play-through of Amnesia from his stream. This time around Criken sprints through the prisons , morgue, and sewer, struggling with puzzles and super scary moments along the way.

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  1. Its been around 5 years since the video was made, and I still don't know why a man with amnesia would causally drill into a cadaver's skull and inject himself with brain blood…

    Was he expecting to get superpowers? "New ability acquired: Advanced staph infection!"

  2. Here's how this game should have ended.
    1. Attract the monster
    2. Fill a jar with that acid stuff
    3. Throw the acid onto the monster
    4. Walk out of the castle like some sort of badass

  3. 8:10 Seeth has the most insane laugh
    i kinda like how he scared criken with it, like he knew he would die }:D

  4. just wondering but, if cwiken is afwaid of cute widdle fishies, does that make him afwaid of a widdle magikawp? XD


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