Criken Streams: Borderlands 2


Check out my previous Borderlands 2 videos:

Here we have some livestream footage from the last time I played Borderlands 2 with the gang. I found most of this stuff floating about my hard-drive and figured it’d be better to upload than let it rot away in obscurity. Hopefully you guys’ll glean a few laughs out of it. (Isn’t the thumbnail for this video amazing? I’m really proud of it.)

Unfortunately I’m only really capable of recording / editing live-stream footage this month, though I’m planning to record a bunch of fresh content in my usual fashion when I go home to visit for Thanksgiving….so be thankful for THAT! As always, more on the way. Thanks for watching.



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  1. The mission in the beginning of the episode bugged for me so I was in the first part of the area with blood wing still attacking me and all the enemy's re spawned

  2. They fought Bloodwing at level 20 and above and I was stupid enough to fight Bloodwing at level 17 all by myself. And it didn't work. At all.

  3. Cricken what recording software do you use?
    I use Bandicam and if you check my vid it's pretty laggy (I had to edit using Sony Vegas Pro) And I think it's Vegas fault because it wasn't so laggy before.
    But it would be good to know your recording software.
    PC: i5 2.67Ghz. GTS 250 (Planning on buying a GTX680) 16GB Ram and P55 motherboard.

  4. I enjoyed borderlands 2… Until they went. It's with dlc. The first few were fine up to tiny tina's assault on dragon's keep… But having to get 2 seperate dlcs to get a full level cap? Really?


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