Criken's Colosseum: Left 4 Dead 2 Deathrun [Episode 1]


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After 6 years I’ve returned to Left 4 Dead 2! This time with a bit of a twist… lets see how the ol’ boys hold up when the Crikester pulls the strings 😉

Hope you guys like this style of interactive stream content! There will be more on this coming soon…

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Tonights Gladiators:
Bedbananas – Blue Text
Goatbate – Yellow Text
TomatoGaming – Red Text

Edited and intro animated by Neocranium:


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  1. YouTube, why do you recommend me a video from a guy I haven't been subbed to in nearly 10 years?…that's 3 years old???

  2. These prices for buying zombies with money that don’t exist, are better prices than the current ones in the latest games


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