Criken's Critiques: Assassins Creed Unity

Welcome to the premier of Criken’s Critiques! In this new series I will be critiquing / reviewing popular games on their design and execution of gameplay, narrative, aesthetics, and more.

In this first episode we’ll be taking a look at Assassins Creed Unity. Specifically, how it feels different from the past assassins games and why I personally believe it to be the weakest one of the franchise. To do this we’ll be taking a look at the design goals of the game as well as a close analysis of some of the changes made in the game-play and narrative of the experience.

Why am I making this series? Well aside from just playing games for the fun of it (as the rest of my videos demonstrate), I’m also very interested in the principles of game design and enjoyment. This video was made originally because one of my class finals at USC required I review a game- but I’m interested in making more hopefully since I found it really liberating to share some of my thoughts on the execution of game design.

I encourage all viewers who either agree or disagree with the observations expressed in this video to respond in the comments! Lets get some critical debates going.

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Music: (In order of appearance)
Assassins Creed Unity – Chase Theme
Bully OST – Punishment
Bully OST – Cheating Time


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