Criken's Critiques: Assassins Creed Unity


Welcome to the premier of Criken’s Critiques! In this new series I will be critiquing / reviewing popular games on their design and execution of gameplay, narrative, aesthetics, and more.

In this first episode we’ll be taking a look at Assassins Creed Unity. Specifically, how it feels different from the past assassins games and why I personally believe it to be the weakest one of the franchise. To do this we’ll be taking a look at the design goals of the game as well as a close analysis of some of the changes made in the game-play and narrative of the experience.

Why am I making this series? Well aside from just playing games for the fun of it (as the rest of my videos demonstrate), I’m also very interested in the principles of game design and enjoyment. This video was made originally because one of my class finals at USC required I review a game- but I’m interested in making more hopefully since I found it really liberating to share some of my thoughts on the execution of game design.

I encourage all viewers who either agree or disagree with the observations expressed in this video to respond in the comments! Lets get some critical debates going.

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Assassins Creed Unity – Chase Theme
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  1. I didn't like how you had to buy skills you already had, but i like that you're very frail in this game, pushing the player to play stealthily.

  2. I hate how ubisoft only improved the frame rate they didnt fix any of the bugs i like the improved frame rate but ubisoft FIX THE BUGS

  3. Go to settings and put in french if you want the game in french Assassin’s Creed 1,2 or any Assassin’s Creed its in the langue you want if you want french put french in the menu.

  4. Please continue these critiques Criken. You brought up your expectations and points in such a clear and simple manner that was easy to understand and so genuine it made me wanna hug you. I would absolutely come to you for an opinion on games if you did more in this review style. PLEASE bring this series back

  5. I agree actually, Assassin's Creed 2 – Brotherhood seems a bit better compared to Unity, with the easier climbing, combat, and you actually live like an assassin; I'm sure you've said that already.

  6. I hate how they lied to us with the trailer. I wanted to rush a castle with civilians at my side killing the guards and going after the rich. That would have been the most awesome thing ever. Instead, unlike the trailer, killing guards at riots causes the peasants to flee. I hate it.

  7. ACU was meant to be more a multiplayer game. If they gave you all the abilities rather easy, then it'd ruin the multiplayer. The combat is ALSO focused on multiplayer and was also trying to bring back AC2's combat. I personally enjoyed this.

  8. More reviews please. I just saw this now, and wish there were more.

    Also: I actually liked the hordes of people and the fighting in this game. Paris felt like a real, breathing city, and my character didn't feel like an overpowered god of death. After this, Syndicate's streets felt empty, and I could've fallen asleep and still beaten most of the enemies in the game.

  9. Why is criken reviewing games? And why did I only find this video right now? And why is this the only video of this series? WHY??

  10. Comparing the overly easy and crappy combat of AC3 to an attempt to put some challenge in the game and act like its a bad thing that they tried to make the game less about combat and more about assassination and stealth 😛 That's so stupid on so many levels. AC3 was boring in general. As for Unity…. it was bad but at least it was better than 3.

    If we wanna talk quality. First mention that terrible framerate 😛 Even having said that, this game is far more interesting than the snoozefest that was 3. That game started with promise but was so damn boring later on.

  11. "some time in the next couple of weeks"
    "in the next couple of weeks"
    "next couple of weeks"
    "couple of weeks"

    y u lie Crikeyy

  12. Even if you dislike the harder and less fluid combat and movement system, don't you still think it's good that it exists?
    Cause there are 342 other AC games you could play instead if you prefer the old system – they didn't need to make another one that was basically the same thing


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