Criken's Fun House: Episode 3


Criken and the gang traverse the spectrum of gaming entertainment in this episode. From axe-throwing competitions in Warband to sentient barrel assisted murders in Garry’s Mod, there should be a little something for everybody in this video. I actually caught a cold and lost my voice during the filming of this episode so if I sound a little more like a ghoul than usual, that’s why. The Garry’s Mod section and Two Worlds 2 section of the video were both taken from a livestream I did previously. All the people in the Garry’s Mod server were fans watching and joining through my live-stream on

I announce my livestreams and videos (and sometimes upload exclusive content / deleted scenes) through my twitter feed here:

Voices in this video:
White Text – Criken / Other
Green Text – Martz
Yellow Text – Shayne Hawke
Pink Text – Boon
Blue Text – Industrial
Red Text – Skippy
Orange Text – StEvE-O (talks at the most inopportune times)

Games played in order:
-Mount and Blade Warband
-Garry’s Mod
-Two Worlds 2
-Arma 2

Special thanks to Martz for contributing some of the footage from his point of view. Check out his video on our Mount and Blade excursion here:


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  1. I'd love to be half-assed as these guys when playing a multiplayer game…
    "I'm gonna…" gets randomly killed "ok nevermind."
    Instead, as if its a virus, I suddenly get intense and competitive… partially why I don't play multiplayer anymore, my blood pressure thanks me.

    Also no matter how much I watch it 1:04 catches me off guard each time; total mindfuck


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