Criken's Fun House: Episode 8


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In this episode of Criken’s Fun House, Criken and the gang practice their Spanish and diving techniques, burn little animals, role-play with a kinky digital board game, and crush lots and lots of pesky flash vehicles. This episode can get pretty hot and heavy so be sure to pack an extra pair of pants.

Voices in this video:
-Criken (White Text)
-Industrial (Purple Text)
-Combine Assassin (Orange Text)
-Proudly Infected (Pink Text)
-Casualties (Yellow Text)

Games played (in order):
-Max Payne 3
-Little Inferno
-Desperate Gods
-Planetside 2
-Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Music (in order of appearance):
-Max Payne tune by Michael Shanks (
-Let’s get it on – Marvin Gaye
-Forest Theme (Desperate Gods)
-going to the store (

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  1. I always wondered how "slowing time" works online and with multiple people. Does it also slow down for the others or something? I've never played the game before.

  2. Spanish and Portuguese are actually QUITE different languages.  So different that 2 persons speaking each language cant understand themselves. Yeah, Brazil's official language is Portuguese.  Mind that brazillian Portuguese and Portugal's Portuguese are quite different too.

  3. Did anyone else think that the noise during the Chivalry bit was a machine gun at first? lol I think realizing that it wasn't made it even funnier xD


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