Criken's Life Update: A Big Announcement…


It’s official! The Kickstarter IS LIVE! Please consider supporting if you want to see this project come to life! ►►

After 2 years of not talking about myself.. it’s time to talk about myself a little bit.

This video should explain a bit of what’s been going on with me and my channel over these last few months. As you might be able to tell, this video has been a long time coming and it means a lot to finally clue you all in on a big part of my life.

I didn’t really expect to get so torn up at the end but honestly with so much of my life spent on YouTube- the idea of fulfilling my dream of making a game of my own with all of you who made this possible to begin with really rocked me.

I want to be as open about the campaign / project as possible so I’m going to be doing my best to answer your questions on this video / my twitter / on stream.

You can reach me easier here:

Lots of love, see you September 27th.


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  1. Criken is my huge inspiration on being a streamer! I’ve gone through some hard times in school and always beat myself.but criken showed me to never give up, to keep working hard because there’s always big things awarded for you. Thank you criken! 🙏🏼

  2. You should play this game on stream soon. Repost this video or bring it back up to the light. You have such a bigger audience so you can do it still. I know its there but you can make it grow.

  3. This was the video that made me unsub 3 years ago. Couldn't bring myself to support a crying little bitch boy lmao fuck you

  4. If i had a credit card, it wouldn't even see the light of fortnites john wick, those three wacky didgets would be yours.

  5. Yes he has made many people believe in him and…… uh i dont know but i also looked at his youtube channel back in 2008 it was so funny that it made me buy the game left 4 dead game i bought the first and the second i loved the game and i loved my best youtuber…..Criken. 🙂

  6. Criken im not going to lie, I been rewatch your videos over and over because your one of the funniest people including your friends too. I would love to see more contant, keep up the good work. Also I support this game and have been recomeding people to see your contant 😀

  7. you are an inspiration, not only do you make amazing videos, but the way you feel about games, i feel the same way, and i just wanna make people happy with my games and grant them an escape from life, you sir, are amazing and i cannot wait for what you have stored for the future

  8. i just wanna know what happened to Oats. I watched Criken when i was a wee little kid and him and Oats playing Cry of Fear and L4D2 were hilarious to me. I had forgotten about this channel for a long time but I refound it a month or two ago. And I am here to stay. The game sounds amazing! I'm so proud.

  9. i used to watch cricken like wen i was 7 or something cant remember
    i love crickens gamplay of l4d2 it was so funny


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