Criken's Quickies: Car Fast Go Crash

In honor of the 1 year anniversary of “Criken’s Fun House”, I present to you a new series of Criken’s Quickies. The ‘Quickies’ are shorter highlight reels than most of my videos (usually 5 minutes or less) that take significantly less time to edit / release. This series should allow me to upload more frequently while still keeping the quality high with varied humor and multi-game highlights.

*Don’t worry, I’ll still be making the longer videos with heavy editing like Criken’s Fun House and my other one-off game montages. This series of videos is meant to tide you all over in-between my bigger projects.*

The game of this episode is FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, a ‘racing’ game where everyone drives as fast as they can into everyone else.

Jungle Falls – Diddy Kong Racing
Everfrost Peak – Diddy Kong Racing



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