Criken's Quickies: Robots Rebel


The previous Quickie:

The game of this episode is Counter Strike Source (Prison Break):
Prison Break is a game-play type for Counter Strike Source in which a small team of megalomaniac authority figures bossing around a large group of prisoners. The prisoners are supposed to follow their directions and ‘escape’ when given an opportunity… we had other intentions though.

Criken’s Quickies is a series of assorted video game gameplay highlights (shorter than my usual 10 minute videos). This series is meant to highlight gaming moments in my usual style though with a more relaxed degree of editing. I’m still working on my usual highly edited longer videos, these just serve as an entertaining supplement for those looking for a shorter laugh.

Song: Léo Delibes – Pizzicato



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  1. As a cynic, this just shows me that there are some really sad people out there desperately trying to fufill their power fantasies. Can you imagine owing a server or being an Admin specifically for this game mode?

  2. The CT's still ruined the fun by shooting so much. Also it gets annoying they do it everytime just because their taking it way to seriously.


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