Criken's Quickies: The Power of Kinect


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The game of this episode is Garry’s Mod (creative mode) hooked up to one of Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect thingies. Now we don’t usually use console devices in our videos but once we discovered the newest update for Garry’s Mod allowed Kinect users to map their body movements onto in-game rag-dolls in live time, we couldn’t resist…. All the movements you see in this video were being bravely provided by my buddy StEvE-O in his living room. So if any of you guys were looking for a use for that dusty ol’ Kinect… now you should have one.

Garry’s guide to making the Kinect compabitable with Garry’s Mod:

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  1. gmod with htc vive would be fucking great, you would be able to pick weapons up (and through them at people) like in vr games, i want some one to make that

  2. I once logged in to an online sandbox server and attached a turret to my ragdoll. I killed everybody, while they just shot at a moving ragdoll.

  3. Criken! i miss your videos. I hope you are doing fine, and will soon get back to these quickies. Know that you have a talent for this, and your work is apprecciated by folks all over the globe.


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