Cuphead – BOSS THEMES (Piano Medley)

Trying something new with this one! Here’s my piano medley of some of the boss themes in Cuphead, including Mr. King Dice, Floral Fury, Botanic Panic and more! Full Tracklist below.
Combined with a Synthesia visualisation!

▌You can learn my arrangement of the title theme on Flowkey! Check it out here:

I would like to thank our coffee machine for making this video possible. Ragtime is haaaard.

SHEET MUSIC: I arranged this by ear, but transcribed this into sheets which you can download on my website! It’s free, but keep in mind that transcribing this was a loooot of work. So I really appreciate donations!
►Sheet Music / MIDI / MP3:
►Donate: (Thanks!)

The visual style of this video was inspired by my friend AtinPiano. I love the way he combines Synthesia with his performances. I’ve wanted to try it myself for a while now, I hope you like the result! (don’t worry, I asked AtinPiano for permission before blatantly stealing his format)

0:00 Don’t Deal With The Devil
0:32 Botanic Panic
1:52 Die House
2:43 Inkwell Isle One
3:07 Floral Fury
4:04 Carnival Kerfuffle

Originally composed by Kris Maddigan.

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