Cuphead & Mugman vs Beppi The Clown in "Carnival Kerfuffle" (2 Player) – Cuphead #6


We arrive on Inkwell Isle Two to find the carnival has come to town! What do you call a carnival with crafty crazy clowns? A nutzo fair! This is our co-op Cuphead “Don’t Deal With the Devil” gameplay walkthrough on the Xbox One! Subscribe and join the Koopa Troop! – Karate chop that LIKE button and till next time, GG!

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  1. You never win me if you never died all the time my brother control him and play this game he so clever you never find the way to escape !

  2. Yeah the rebound is the worst weapon in the game it's just too slow and too little damge even without the power decrease, it reminds me of the weapon from crush craw-fish in megaman X3. The chaser would have probably been better considering Beppi like to stay so high up, or the shotgun to get rid of the balloon dogs like enob. Other than that Carnival Kerffule is probably my second favorite track in the game with honeycomb herald being the first.

  3. The shotgun is a really tough choice of weapon for his first phase since his movements are so erratic. It’s better to keep your distance.

  4. Honestly, on some bosses actively trying to get the parries is more dangerous than the actual boss attacks. Ive noticed that happens early when you guys fight a new boss

  5. Welcome to Inkwell Isle Two! The bosses have become tougher, which means there will be more deaths and frustration! We do make edits if we feel the episode would be too long otherwise, but some deaths are cut out in the process (the death screens/retries are left in, though). What do you think of these edits? Let us know if you like what you see and/or don't see!


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