Today is the first time that I’ve gotten legitimately salty at this game.. Uh oh.

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  1. Did Martyn ever say what happened to this series? Did he lose the footage or just never came back to it?

  2. Still hoping to see more of this soon.^^ Oh, by the way, to the northwest side of this island, if you walk behind a building that doesn't look like you can walk behind, you can find a secret at the cliff that is hidden in the bush there. I think you'll LOVE what that secret is, Martyn.^^

  3. Martyn, parrying is about timing. Not button mashing. I can say from experience that button mashing does NOT work. But if you can get timing perfect for parrying, it's REALLY helpful.

  4. I'm sure the others would have said this by now, but the parry is a timed tap on the jump button. If you miss, you can try again, but only after a short period. So If you spam the button, it misses the parry and can't try again until that period is over, and by then you will hit the thing or miss it.

    Also, you can switch weapons. You have two weapon slots that can be equipped in the item menu. Try different weapons for different bosses. Might save you some time and attempts.

    Good luck

  5. What if the developers put in a system that makes spamming parry worse then learning to time it. It may be one of those things where they want you to play the way it's meant to be played, so they change some things to encourage/force it.

  6. Don’t mash A. Remember the party is a slap animation so try to time it as soon as you hit the pink object. 😀

  7. Parry has a cooldown. Do not spam. Think of it like every time you jump you get one chance to parry, unless, you chain them. You also have the auto parry ability if you need it.


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