Dark Souls 2 Co-op: The Dingy Duo – Part 1


Criken and special guest VaatiVidya take on the horrors of Dark Souls 2 in all its dingy splendor.

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Though Vaati is a seasoned veteran of Dark Souls, this is Criken’s first playthrough of the new game…which ultimately balances out the cooperative gameplay. Enjoy the ensuing mayhem as this dingy duo struggles to complete a game renowned for its difficulty.

In this first episode, Criken undertakes the challenge of only using a mouse and keyboard (big mistake) while Vaati comes to terms with the fact that he has a useless teammate. Will our heroes be able to defeat the first boss before running out of human effigies to the forces of evil and skulduggery? Find out now!

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  1. I love how vatiis voice barely changed, while criken sounds like a completely different person

  2. i did not know co op in DARK SOULS was a thing man am i relieved that i don't have to fuck with these bosses alone

  3. I cant believe i find this Series only now jesus Christ, i love u both so much XD
    So funny soooo fucking funny ahaahah XD

  4. let's all stroke ourselves about how easy the game actually is and that anyone who struggles with M+KB controls is a scrub


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