Dark Souls 3: Edwad Emberpants the Chosen – Part 1

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Long before good and evil… light and dark… there was one being that existed. The catalyst of everything. When that being, the vanguard of the living, finally passed on. It left its power to a champion, a chosen individual who would carry on its legacy and unite the world under its undulating benevolence. That champion…. was Edwad. Lords help us.

This series was made possible with the help of my good buddies VaatiVidya and Bedbananas. Despite the fact that Edwad is without a doubt the savior of humanity- he certainly couldn’t do it without the help of his loyal Warriors of the Sun who guide and protect him as he claims his position of power.

Sun Bros:
Edwad (Criken) – White Text
Gwyn’s First Born (VaatiVidya) – Green Text
100% Cinder Sun (Bedbananas) – Blue Text

Thanks to NeoCranium for editing this video together:

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