Dark Souls 3: Edwad Emberpants the Rekindled – Part 21



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Long before good and evil… light and dark… there was one being that existed. The catalyst of everything. When that being, the vanguard of the living, finally passed on. It left its power to a champion, a chosen individual who would carry on its legacy and unite the world under its undulating benevolence. That champion…. was Edwad. Lords help us.

The beloved series is back for the new Dark Souls 3 DLC! Enjoy this short trapse through a winter wonderland with Gwynn, Cindersun, and Edwad!

Sun Bros:
Edwad (Criken) – White Text
Gwyn’s First Born (VaatiVidya) – Green Text
100% Cinder Sun (Bedbananas) – Blue Text

Thanks to Shayne Hawke for editing this video together:

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  1. Did he choose to link the fire? Becuase I fucking missed all the other games and this is the first dark soul let’s play I’m watching….

  2. At 1:50 when Edwad said "Let's not talk about the end of the SERIES," my siri went off when he said "series." XD

  3. Edwad: "This is just like christmas. Ding dong ding dong…. Ding dong ding dong"

    Bed:"That's not a christmas song"

    Im dead

  4. Edwad, the ruler of the new age commonly called the age of Edawd the great, the terrible and the strange.


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