Dark Souls Chaos Randomizer Challenge : Dawde Nopant Breaks Game (ft. Tomato)


Things get wacky in this one.
Watch the full VOD:

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Welcome to the Randomizer Chaos Challenge! The rules are straight forward, all items and spawns and randomized with other items, enemies, and bosses! Criken and Tomato have 5 lives to progress – if they lose all 5 lives, they have to reset the seed, thus resetting all the spawns!

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Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. Thank you.
    Watch the Full VOD:

  2. Ngl, watching through this again, I'd love, like, a multiplayer game where both players have different instances.

  3. 13:12 for your cringing pleasure. Watch as Cricken puts all four of his brain cells into overdrive for a massive big think moment

  4. It's incredible how Seath's constant clipping and flying keeps breaking things LOL. I mean ig he is a dragon hes finally getting his time to shine

  5. Gargus Pleaides, Devil of the Sacred Lake, kept watch over the Lordvessel for uncounted years
    until a homeless man and his son beat him to death with giant swords.


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