Dark Souls Chaos Randomizer Challenge : The Dog Seed (ft. Tomato)


Dogs of all sizes in this episode.
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Welcome to the Randomizer Chaos Challenge! The rules are straight forward, all items and spawns and randomized with other items, enemies, and bosses! Criken and Tomato have 3 lives to progress – if they lose all 3 lives, they have to reset the seed, thus resetting all the spawns!

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Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. this is almost painful to watch not because its dark souls but somehow they are actually bad at dark souls. im impressed

  2. I was going to do this on my channel and I came here to see what I was In for. Now I'm staying to see the conclusion 🤣😂

  3. ok ok ok… i was giving you the benifit of the doubt for the first episode kinda the second one of this series but man you are fkin awful lol, you are your worst enemy for sure. like did you just wanna see if you could die or did you just not want your estus here 7:37 – 7:58 ? watching that gave me a headache

  4. Sif is a female and is a wolf, His consistent misgendering and labeling her a dog bothered me way too much.

  5. Everybody: "Criken is so bad at dark souls"

    Me: "He did less damage to Quelaag with a 0 Battleaxe than ZeroLenny did with an upgraded Broken sword, cut him some slack."


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