Dauntless: Daunting Duelist Charges Up


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Thanks to Phoenix Labs, the studio behind Dauntless, for sponsoring this video.

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Monsters rise, stand and fight, as we valorous daunt boys with powerful weapons face off against fearsome foes onto floating islands!

The Daunt Boys
Guest Staring ShayneHawke as “Oh Boy”

Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. Man, they should really do something about how boring this game is.

    Oh I dunno, maybe give it hitboxes that make sense, maybe even better weapons?

    Or maybe it should just disappear off the face of the earth.

    You honestly don't even get a jumping attack in the game. That guy was doing some exploit to jump from the cliff.

  2. Anyone else having problems with the video quality? I got mine on 1080p but it looks like maybe 720p and below, maybe the stream capture was bad?

  3. Remember kids: Even if the overwhelming majority says that thing you like is shit, you're still allowed to like it.

  4. I find the monster hunter that criken played in the past is much more funny while this look so…. boringly bland with 0 humorous moments especially you cant cook meat during the fight and chaos

  5. Personally love the combat Dauntless has over Mhw
    … watching you play it hurts me tho fam… not charging your axe swings… not picking yourself back up.. yur fams not rofl stomping embermane with hammers in under 3 minutes… Plus, axe and guns are kinda difficult to get the hang of anyway and are, kinda, more so endgame heavy hitters. Theres nothin better than bitch slappin a behemoth for 10k with an axe lemme tell you.

    tldr; Dauntless is fun.. watchin you play has.. not been fun?

  6. would help criken if he used the lantern abilities the provide minor buffs like movement speed damage and attack speed for short times and bigger more specific buffs that i wont go into detail seeing the bar for both of these at the top left not being used is very disappointing could be doing better by just useing them

  7. i have seen others starting to play this, its basically easier faster version of monster hunter with a fortnite look to it

  8. Phoenix Labs: We've finally taken a leap of faith in bringing the monster hunting genre to PC.

  9. Damn what's up with this comment section lol? I found Dauntless pretty fun, probably got about 50-100 hours in it at the moment and counting. Not had any performance issues, attacks DO feel satisfying and give feedback particularly when you know how to play and actually hit the right parts and the graphics style is a refreshing change from Monster Hunter to counter a few people who clearly haven't played the game but are judging it based off Criken's gameplay (you should know better haha).

    I've got over 500 hours in Dark Souls and yes, it is very cliche, but seriously the combat is very similar with melee weapons and just feels satisfying. It's not a weeb-fest like Monster Hunter, it's just simple, satisfying combat with a couple combos you can weave in at the right time.

    I think a lot of comments are from people who've watched gameplay but not played it.

  10. Sorry Crike but that stream was painful to watch, glad you got sponsored but this game is just terrible.

  11. I don’t wanna be mean to the artists for this game, but good Lord the art style reminds me of Fortnite in a bad way.

  12. I have zero interest in monster hunter esq games.

    Although I must say, everytime a big thing of ice propelled that monster into the air suddenly I laughed out loud. Like, the creature is willingly doing that to itself even though it looks like it would hurt like hell and would probably be more efficient just to run away.

    Why creature? Why cause yourself so much pain?

  13. IMO, my main gripe with Dauntless is that the game doesn’t have a “flagship monster.” MH has Rathalos, but what does Dauntless have?

  14. I used to be so excited for this game, it was basically monster hunter on PC!

    That was practically it's only selling point.

    Then Monster Hunter World came out on PC…

  15. It's free so give it a go but I back out after getting tired waiting for a hunt even solo. That and i still can't stand slow melee.

  16. In beta I started out liking the war pike, after the repeaters came out I liked those but after a while I saw a couple Axe videos and now I'm ax all the way.

  17. Apparently everyone in the comment section is sherlock holmes saying this is a dollar store mosnter hunter… Also what a way to support criken, just shit on him because he got sponsored to play a game, wow.

  18. This game is being pumped everywhere and it for real looks unfun but watching you play it is the most fun I've had with this game. Honestly, it speaks volumes of how good of an entertainer you are Criken. Your charisma rubs off on to what ever you do.

    Game still bad tho


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