Dead Island: The Adventures of Sam B. Part 2


Watch Part 1 Here:

Again thanks to my wonderful cast of british and american boys. In this episode we play-through the game again with a full team entirely composed of Sam B. First half of this video is mostly sketch based clips while second has longer clips that are mostly situation. Lemme know which one you guys preferred.

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Thanks to the guys over at ABF, Waddy, Downs Chicke, Mc Diddles, Taquito, Industrial, and Martz for their participation in this fun little series.


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  1. Ahah i still play riptide every now & then & cannot get the quote “i am samuel B!” out of my head when i play. good time’s

  2. I was 10 years old when I saw this video for the first time, and I come back a few times a year and watch these videos. Love you bro, thanks for being a part of my childhood

  3. Favorite parts: My name is Samuel B and I'm here to pimp your ride. Get out de way, GET OUT DE WAY, GET OUT DE WAY!!!

  4. I've watched this series at least 31 times, and I just realized the thumbnail is Click Clack with the grenade.
    Shows how observant I am :/

  5. Oh man I bet Criken would get a lot of shit for that gay joke if he put this video out today. Crazy how fast times change


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