Don't Starve Together: A Hot, Klaus Kerfuffle…


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  1. You guys should try the moon stone event! I don't know if it's a guaranteed spawn in a world though. On ps4, I find it every world I make.

  2. 😱 That werepig/lightbulb/poop factory is amazing!! Holy game changer Batman! Going to try that the next time I play, thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for uploading the streams on youtube! I watch your guides but it helps even more to see things done in real time

  4. I love your Don't Starve content, but I would also love to get your perspective on other games. So… I'm pro whatever you do, really.

  5. Do people know that if you click an item it highlights the chest in green with the mod beard is using? Seems like some people don't even bother cause they think they have to check every chest

  6. Man, I almost blushed when you called me awesome (still Xisain314, btw, changed my name to avoid the confusion now)! I always enjoy the stream no matter if I play or watch! I’ve learnt so much from your guides, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  7. i mentioned on one of your streams that you look like woodie

    now your home screen for your channel has changed i can see woodie every morning

  8. Hey beard love your chanel and was wondering if you could help me with a guild on merms. Well merms in Don't Starve shiprecked there are these red ones that dont attack and i was wondering of you could do a guild on them.

  9. Hello, bogdanboss18 here, I really enjoy just watching your stream and donating just to mske you read my wierd stuff, may Jeezus bless you!


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