Don't Starve Together (Season 4) – #27 – Klaus (Return of Them Beta)


WE BACK INTO DON’T STARVE TOGETHER! We’re exploring the new update Return of Them beta. It’s got boats, explorable seas, MOON CREATURES! Will we survive?!

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  1. why dont u take meat to the Pig King to exchange for gold??? You have a lot of meat. Monster meat can be exchanged to eggs and eggs also give gold

  2. Stumpt: "Are about to go chalenge the most dificult fight in the game"

    Also Stumpt: "LeT's BrInG lOg SuItS aNd SpEaRs!"

  3. I can kill Klaus no problem solo, you can barely keep up with it till it's second stage. And there's 4 of you. Oh and you got that stupid resurrection fire pit… What else can I say? 😀

  4. At 26:15 that Krampus dropped his sack next to the catapult! It’s a bigger backpack (14 slots?) that’s both waterproof and fireproof. Such a lucky drop. I hope they don’t miss it in the aftermath of the fight.

  5. I am so glad that they have mods on especially firepit resurrection because at least they have extra help for klaus madness lol.
    Look at them still trying their best, what legends.

  6. Ok guys if you kill the klaus it drop the real key you pick up the key and unlock that bag it had some present in it like the deerclops eye or something(if you guys die on that day it's ok I know is hard)(keep up the good work)

  7. This episode is so awesome! C'mon Stumpt-you can get him, I have faith in you!!! Psst Ash, voice inside your head here. Want more gold? Price can make unlimited monster meat as Webber. Pig King will take monster jerky and eggs (cook monster meat n feed it to your bird) and give you 1 gold each. Now, get back in there, you're doing great, and whack that Klaus!! 🙂

  8. It's really great to see y'all using the Don't Starve Wiki guide of 'How to Defeat Bosses' but have y'all watched some videos from The Beard 777?

    He does tutorials of how to beat bosses from decently with one player, with easy setups, or easily with teams and some of them are really good. One of them that I found to be great, as The Beard 777 says, for using Wolfgang and Warly together because Warly can put chili pepper on volt goat jelly and having Wolfgang to eat the volt got jelly with the chili pepper on it to do outstanding damage. It will increase alot of damage and combing it with Wigfred's Helmet to do insane amounts of damage with Wolfgang alone with the Dark Sword of the Hambat. And if you're lucky enough if it's raining enemies that are drenched will take more damage with the volt goat jelly because of the added bonus to wet enemies.

  9. Are they gonna ignore that krampus sack? It has a freaking 1% chance of being dropped by a krampus and they got one!It's the best backpack in the game!

  10. With this hugh setback I’m worried that they will stop the season short:( now they leaned what to do with these harder boss.


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