Dragon Age Moderately Modded Edition : Shoeless Jokester Ep. 2


The hero we deserve – that’s Chuckles baby!
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HEHE! I’m Chuckles baby, and I’m here to mess things up! So I got in a little trouble back home – and they took away everything I got. But at least I got some good friends, and about to make some more along the way! HOO HOO!

Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. Hoooooly crrrrrap this shit brings back memories fuck yeah. I must've seen that Darkspawn intro so goddamn many times <3

  2. never having seen any dragon age game play before, this confuses me yet looks mostly fine besides their amazingly long arms and his character's existence

  3. "Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't do this. For your father's sake."


    "You're a terrible liar."

  4. As a dwarf could you have romanced that guy in the gold armour cause I think when he asked to learn more about dwarves it sounded like he was flirting

  5. Either that mace was really sharp despite it's look or that guy was really strong to stab the ogre even with using blunt weapons.

  6. A bit off topic, but I only picked up the Dragon Age series recently. Origins is a phenomenal game. I bought Dragon Age 2 also because they were both on sale. I might buy Inquisition since I've heard a lot of praise for that game as well.
    After beating Origins, I was excited to play the sequel, despite what I heard. The combat definitely had issues in Origins, but….. holy shit…. Dragon Age 2 makes me want to bite off my own fingers.

    Almost everything about Dragon Age 2 is fucking abysmal . I thought it was just slow to start like Origins, but nope! After what I only assumed was the First Act and the Second Act began, my thoughts were "So uh…. that was the expedition? Kinda anti-climatic but whatever, at least I can move on from Kirkwall, all those monotonous tasks were getting annoying, in the same boring as fuck locations."
    HAHAHAHA – no. You STAY in Kirkwall for Act 2. I thought, "Well this is just tying up loose ends, showing you how quests in the previous Act will affect the future of the city. Then something big will happen and you'll have to leave Kirkwall, or travel to a new place to pursue… something, I dunno."
    I finish Act 2 and Act 3 starts. Still. In. Kirkwall.
    I turned off the game right there. I've never been so fed up with a game's bullshit.

    Imagine if in Mass Effect, the first time you get to the Citadel, you take a brief trip to another planet, then spend the rest of the 30 hour game in the Citadel.
    You know what? I'm not even that upset that Dragon Age 2 takes place only in one location, but that was the last straw. All the character, all the dialogue, the equipment you get, the "quests" you go on, it SUCKS.
    Origins looks and feels like a game that was released on the Gamecube, and it's not even that charming, it's got a lot of lame dialogue and cheesy moments. Quite a few glitches, especially at the very last boss fight. I found myself rolling my eyes and getting pretty frustrated at the clunky controls and story at times. It's still a great game with an amazingly crafted world and lore, and just an all-around fun time. I'm gonna play it again real soon, and probably a few more times after that.

    But Dragon Age 2 feels like some 17 year old's fan-fiction that is just barely based on Origins. I hate almost every character you meet, especially Hawke, the character you play as . After the first couple jokes, I thought it was pretty cheeky and clever. About a thousand jokes later and I thought to myself, "I've only been playing for an hour and a half, and I wish everyone would shut the fuck up. Hell, I wish Alistair was here. I hate almost everything Alistair said, but I'd gladly have him back instead of all these unfunny fucks." I understand Kirkwall is in the Free Marches and Origins takes place in Fereldan, but it's like Origins takes place in a fantasy setting, and Dragon Age 2 takes place in a mall full of edgy teenagers.
    Choices? Pfft, what a joke, almost every choice you make is meaningless. And the ones that do basically come down a coin flip. Two drastically different extremes in both direction with zero middle ground. Except when dealing with the Qunari and the Arishok. No matter what you say or do, you can't make peace or join the Qunari. Literally the only group I tolerated.
    Even when I poured all my points into Strength and used the biggest weapons I could find, boosting my damage with the Berserker skill tree, it was like I was chipping away at a tree with a butter knife.
    Enemies literally appear out of thin air. Not enemies that are using stealth. You can see how many enemies there are on the mini-map, and when you think you got the last few down, suddenly two dozen more run into the middle of the battle. What the fuck? Seriously, that's some next level lazy game design right there, enemies appearing out of no where just to make the fight last longer.
    There's a quest where you hunt down a rogue Templar, who's inciting the citizens into violent mobs, and when you find him, the cutscene shows him and maybe like 9 other people. During the fight, like 50 citizens come out of nowhere. I'm not going to go into all the reasons this quest is completely stupid, but why even bother showing the Templar with 9 people, when there's way, way more than the game is implying? It's not satisfying to hit anything, there might as well not even be an animation showing you attacking, just numbers and health bars going down or up when shit happens.
    If I EVER go back and finish the game, I'm just going to play on the easiest difficulty, because I'd rather grind my forehead down with a belt sander than deal with all the tedious gameplay.

    TL;DR – Origins is great, but I wish I never knew it had a sequel at all.

  7. Oh man, please keep that Dragon Age thing at the start for every episode. This game was my jam on the 360 and just love hearing it.

  8. I like how Cailan is completely covered in blood after the Ogre squeezed him to death, except for his hair. His hair doesn't even has a single drop of blood on it.^^

  9. This is my first time being on this channel and I gotta say,
    You're character looks horrifying!
    "Would NUT!" 10/10 -IGN

  10. Is this the GOG/Steam Ultimate Edition? Cause after watching the previous vid I reinstalled it but t I've been having issues since arriving at Orzammar.

  11. When I started watching this new series I accidentally stumble upon it without realising it’s the same game I’m playing at this moment

  12. Youd think hed tell you to meet him in a city or somthing when you get out but noo your man servant saw his chance at freedom


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