Free Cash Flow


This video defines free cash flow, provides an equation for calculating free cash flow, and illustrates the equation with an example.

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  1. great explanation. Ive seen other videos in which they include interest in the formula, but I realized it doesnt matter because it does not affect the results

  2. I was watching the recording of my professor at Ghent university. She didnt explain it well, i was like no time to waiste, let me head to youtube. So thank you for making this content!

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  4. Sir, why we are not considering the tax being saved on interest expenses as we will not pay the tax that is saved from interest expenses and the whole amount will be available for the lenders and the equity holders

  5. So free cash flow is after employees are paid and everything? Meaning if there was only one owner, if the free cash flow is one million then it means the owner makes one million? For himself?

  6. fine, I can not understand this equation, you subtracted a full charge depreciation expense from a scaled earning before tax and interest which include a component of depreciation which is scaled by the effect of scaling process?. the only interpretation by me. is because of depreciation might be described as a tax shield component. because its effect inside the formula was to mitigate the tax effect then I should be adjusted with its full charge, please correct me if i am wrong, and thanks.

  7. Sorry men to say that All your Videos are boring to look at. Why don't you make it normal like others. Use blank ink and white board. I can't stand looking at your Black Board. You may be a good teacher that i don't know.

  8. What would the INCREASE In networking capital be? would it be the difference between this year and the previous year?

  9. Don't believe this video. Cash flows aren't going to be "free." It takes a lot of work and effort to generate cash flows.


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