Friday the 13th: The Voorhees Vanquisher


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It’s spooky time for a bunch of sexually deviant teenagers looking to have premarital intercourse! Gird your loins, innocent teens! Jason comes for any that dare soil their moral integrity! Bwahahaha!

Thanks to Zyke for sacrificing his window. You can watch him livestream here:

Please some of our favorite highlights from the Friday the 13th livestreams we’ve done! There’s plenty more to come 😉

Our Victims:
Tomato Gaming

Intro and outro music from “It Follows”

Edited by Shayne Hawke


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  1. Inorder to kill Jason
    Remove his mask and wear it
    Have someone were the grandmas sweater
    Have tommy wear his mask and used a machate

  2. they should do a bit where jason is a 'niceguy' and straight up murders every girl because of anger issues

  3. The way to kill him easily is to make a female character wear the moms shirt stun Jason and get him on his knees and white tommy because he has the highest strength use him with a machete to chop Jason’s head off

  4. Tomato playing Jason like some sort of mask wearing anaconda is honestly the most terrifying thing I've heard in a long time.

  5. 12:32

    Wait… I know that music…
    In the voice of the ancestor
    "Darkness holds dominion, black as death…"

  6. "Jason's here….I saw him….He's coming for all of us"
    "Oh shit…..Are you doing helium … SHARE!!"
    Also love how when its started getting tense with Jason closing in you just hear "Now where'd I put that meatloaf"


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