Full Body Stretching Routine (15 min. Follow Along)


Join me for a full body stretching routine that can be used by beginners or more advanced athletes. This stretching routine helps improve flexibility, joint health, muscle strength and maintains a healthy body. You don’t want to miss out on this one 🙂

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This full body stretching routine for flexibility and mobility is aimed at opening up all the ranges of motion of the body. I made this stretching routine with no equipment or gym needed! This full body stretch is for beginners and athletes as well. You can use this as a stretching warmup for other training, or as a daily routine to keep your body healthy. These stretching exercises also focus on strengthening certain ranges of motion. The muscles stretched in this routine are the calves, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, lats, traps, chest, shoulders, and neck. These stretching exercises for men & women can also be done after a workout for a cool down. Enjoy!

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  1. For my convenience:
    Hip rotations left leg
    Hip rotations right leg
    Hip rotations both
    Upper back stretch
    Couch stretch
    Shoulder extension or reverse plank
    Straight leg good morning
    Deep squat
    Downward dog bent straight leg press

  2. My colours green.
    Your videos are great, I’m really tempted to purchase your 12 weeks program, however it’s really expensive compared to a lot of program.
    How is your program different to other Calisthenics programs.
    Just want t9 know what I’d be buying into,
    Guernsey in the Channel Islands

  3. Hey man, I like your tone and mellow attitude. Subscribed after seeing your other videos are all about mindfulness and health of body and mind. Keep up the good work my dude!

  4. Thanks for this routine man! I’m going to keep doing it daily as I really need to improve on my flexibility! 👏🏻 My favourite colour is red too

  5. Very well done and love the message at the end. This is exactly how I talk to my 15 yr old son as we just started to mtn biking together. I will check out the other video cause at 52 I need stretching. Cheers!

  6. Red. Just want to thank you so much for your content, it has really helped me and i love a life feeling stronger, waking up without back tightness and the calmeness/philosophy/acceptance you bring to my days. Cheers brother, keep it up

  7. Favorite Color Green! Me in 2012 weighted 127kg, fast forward trhough all the BS i did and all i wanted to say was the "Small" thing you were talking about to me happens everytime I train. Like Ido Portal talks about how having a body is a good enough reason to USE it.
    Thanx for your content! The quality of your free stuff is among the best there is.

  8. My friend linked me to this video and I’m glad he did!
    I usually watch yoga with Kassandra or Adrienne, but I’m looking to branch out.
    I have little to no hip flexibility so this flow was a challenge! But damn, I feel good now.
    New follower for sure! Annnnnnd I love the color orange lol

  9. I've always had very tight hamstrings, I used to be a swimmer and I've heard that's common among them. I couldn't touch my feet with my legs straight, and thanks to this workout now I can put the palm of my hands on the floor. Thank you, flexibility man!!

  10. I mean how could someone dislike this video? Even if you don´t like every stretch movement, it´s impossible to dislike this guy!!
    PS: fav. color is violet, greetings from Argentina!!


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