FULL Stretching Routine for Soccer & Football Players ⚽️ Increase Your Flexibility


BEST Stretches for Soccer Players – How To Stretch Properly to Increase Flexibility, Decrease Injuries and Feel Better!
Download Full Stretching Routine PDF here: (ENGLISH)

A huge part about playing soccer at your peak performance is your ability to prepare and recover with maximum efficiency! With every athlete that I personal train, I incorporate some kind of dynamic and/or static stretching into our workouts.

My name is Lucas Kruel and I am a personal trainer of professional soccer players worldwide. Do you want to better your match day performances? Join my #TRUSTMYCOACH Training Program now at www.trustmycoach.com/soccer and let’s work together towards your goals.

Our aim:
✅ Improve mobility – to enhance movements!
✅ Prepare or wind down the muscles!
✅ Increase flexibility – to improve performance on the pitch!
✅ Reduce injuries – don’t be stuck on the sidelines!
✅ Feel better before and after soccer training or matches!

Today we will stretch:
✅ Quadriceps
✅ Hamstrings
✅ Hips
✅ Calves
✅ Back
✅ Gluteals

Join myself and another top personal trainer, China as we focus on the BEST STRETCHES FOR SOCCER PLAYERS. Find a flat space, download our Workout PDF (above) or follow our stretching routine video! Have fun 🙂

IMPORTANT: During this Stretching Routine, please go at your own pace and feel free to adjust the holding times, execute the techniques slower or skip exercises that are too difficult.

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Lucas Kruel:


More Stretching:
Dynamic Stretching:

Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any fitness regime.
When doing the free #TRUSTMYCOACH Workouts – ensure you warm-up before and train at your own level and comfort. If you feel pain, dizziness or nauseous, stop training immediately.

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