Fundraiser Update – Survey Kerfuffle


If you donated during the fundraiser and have not received your survey, please watch.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the Youtube comments below.

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  1. Oh dear – ah, the joy of tech. I should have messaged you previously to let you know there was a potential problem, but I didn't want to bug you when I figured you'd be busy. I got my reminder e-mail (and so have filled out my survey), but not the first one – and I carefully checked my junk area. In the future I'll definitely give you a head-up. The thing is: these things happen, and you've dealt with it in the right way – openly and quickly.

    The other thing, for the future, is you probably should have https enabled on the site – though there's no credit card information being exchanged, people are still entering sensitive information with their names and addresses. This might be me being a bit pedantic and IT-Security-y, but it's still personal information.

    The "This may be the most "Canadian" YouTube video ever." comment below says it all, hahahaha

    Was the Scythe expansion on the table an effort to distract us from the probl….oooo, shiny?

  2. Why do they need an email to access the KS survey? Can't you just navigate to it through the site? Or is this a backerkit thing?

  3. Thanks for caring so much to post this video Rodney. Sorry to hear about your woes, but please don't fret. We're with you all the way.

  4. Now people are going to know that us Canadians use the word Kerfuffle! What a Kerfuffle.

    (Got my survey, for some reason :-))

  5. I keep saying "survey kerfuffle" over and over in my head. I'm now convinced it's a dessert at a fancy French restaurant.

  6. Your email server probably got flagged as sending bulk spam or something daft like that. Or, someone who is using the same hosting as you sends out spam and the whole host has been semi-blocked.

    You can just send an email to your host and ask if your email was blocked. Or if they have problems with email blasts.

    If people are using a hosted email solution in combination with an email app (like the one on the iphone, or mail on OSX, or wherever else), the spam filter on the hosted side won't send it through and the junk folder on the device side won't show it. Or, people might have some aggressive spam and trash filters and the trash is getting deleted before they got a chance to see it.

    Plus a million other dumb reasons (emails may have been copied into your system incorrectly, &c, &c).

  7. Yeah, yeah – we all know this video was just an excuse to show off the fact you have the Scythe expansion….

  8. I have participated in the campaign and I already completed my survey, but I wanted to watch your video anyway because you are awsome haha

  9. Got your reply and filled in my survey successfully. Thanks for making one of the best board game channels on YouTube and congrats again on funding season 6. Love the word kerfuffle.

  10. Mine went right to the junk folder, so am glad I looked for it. Please check yours if you haven't seen the survey yet.

  11. You know, I always thought it was "kerfluffle". Don't stress about it Rodney. All of your supporters appreciate your hard work in dealing with this minor issue.

  12. I unfortunately could not donate, so this doesn't apply to me at all. I still had to come on here and just commend you for addressing the people that haven't received their surveys. Watch It Played just does everything right!

    Good Job!


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