GI Show – E3 Predictions, Pokémon Sword, Éric Chahi Interview


Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Suriel Vazquez, Kyle Hilliard, and Brian Shea are swept away in hype for E3 2019 as they talk about the new gameplay-heavy video showing off Pokémon Sword and Shield. Matt Bertz and Ben Reeves help us digest the big unveiling of pricing and launch details for Goolgle’s Stadia.  Then Javy Gwaltney, Ben Reeves, and Imran Khan help judge our community’s biggest and most wild E3 predictions for Nintendo, Microsoft, and beyond. After some great community emails, we’re joined by Éric Chahi to talk about creating Another World, Heart of Darkness and his upcoming game Paper Beast.

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below.

3:30 – Gato Roboto
4:05 – Darksiders: Genesis
6:55 – Game Informer’s E3 Coverage Plans
10:35 – Pokémon Sword and Shield
21:19 – Google Stadia details
37:05 – Outer Wilds
45:00 – E3 Predictions
1:40:15 – Community emails
2:36:00 – Éric Chahi Interview


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  1. Why not have Leo pick the winner for email of the week? He's already sitting in the booth and silently judging your responses to every email, anyway. He might as well get to be the definitive voice declaring which question and answer combo made the show better the most. … The most better? Bestest? However he wants to describe the emails he picks.

  2. 56:25 MS is diversifying their portfolios. They want to have a hand in every aspect of gaming so if something goes belly up they have multiple fallbacks. IE Sony +MS deal, PC getting game pass, MS working with Nintendo etc.

  3. Think about how much time Kojima spent locked away by Konami with nothing to do after MGS5 but before he could leave, add that with the 3 years for Dev. and I think thats enough time for them to squeeze out something promising .

  4. Hey guys, just wanted to say I love the show, I've been listening for a few years and you guys are great. Ben hansen you are an excellent podcast host and interviewer btw.

  5. I didn't think Aiden was that bad.

    But I imagined it like Altered Carbon where people's consciousness is stored in a chip in the base of their neck.

    Hack it and take over people lol

  6. The Last Guardian should have stayed canned. We all would picture it in our minds as being so much greater than it inevitably ended up being.

  7. Shadow of the Colossus playing on the screen in the background just as they finish talking about the remake announcement as an underrated E3 moment was a nice coincidence (1:49:45)

  8. Great show, Ben im sure the rest of the staff likes you. Brian shea did joe blocking you hurt your feelings? i have to know.

  9. since you read every comment, i wanted to say thanks so much for these shows and all the future shows! i sometimes wear fingerless gloves like Javy, suriel IS looking great, brian shea's hair is always fire and ben, protoss forever?

    really enjoy al that GI does, have a great and safe e3!

    ps. also Leo in the booth, i love your humor about everything!

  10. I loved Mankind Divided, as well as Andromeda.  I expected Mankind Divided to be rough because it didn't sell well, but it's easily on my top 15 list of games this generation. I didn't play it until last winter, but I found the atmosphere and characters to be so good in that game, and I loved the city hubs, level and mission design, the leveling, stealth, loot.  It's so crazy to me that game isn't talked about more, but to each their own.

  11. I've bought Oblivion on 360 like 5-6 times.  I played that game sooo much that the disc would literally deteriorate lol.  I finally bought it digitally, though I still have like 4 game cases for it.  I've also bought Skyrim 3 times, and I bought the original Fable like 5 times.

  12. I own Borderlands 2 on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4… I think that's the only game have more than a second copy on.

  13. Always focus on the good comments, GI Show is by far the best gaming podcast.

    Ben Hanson is a great interviewer always asking clever questions.

    On a side note, "What the public knows" is absolutely hilarious, I'd love to see it more often.

  14. I thought I'm going to be zoning out while listening to Éric Chahi because it was difficult to listen to him. But on the contrary, he said interesting stuff and grabbed my attention more. That active volcano thing is really strange, but cool. This guy is a real weird artist.


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