Grand Theft Auto V: Friend Zone vs The Analmals [Ep. 6]


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Howdy there kids! Captain Robbie of the Friend Zone here to remind you all to be good to each other! We’re just a super group of space vigilantes come down to earth to keep the peace! It should be fun I think! We know what we’re doing and are happy to dance for some money along the way! Well that’s about it! See you on the next adventure!

Friend Zone:
Captain Robbie – Criken
Space Baby – MrLawlman –
Smart Monkey – Tomato –
Bug Girl – Kiwo –
Danny Earl (The Phantom Limb) –

Edited by ShayneHawke:

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  1. I love the dynamic between Smart Monkey and Earl. It's pretty much an abusive relationship where Monkey thinks Earl is his best friend and is willing to abandon his group of super hero space friends for him. But Earl either ends up spitting on Monkey, shit talking him or just straight up kidnapping and holding him for ransom 😂

  2. Imagine living in a city populated by these people.
    On their own they'd raise base insurance costs by thousands.
    On the bright side the medicine industry and police force would be doing really well.

  3. Who is this strange man? What will happen to captain Robbie? Who is this mysterious pigeon? What are the ANALmals intentions? When will issue 7 release? Where is the crack clown right now? Where are Bug girls eggs? Has smartmonkey also had an affair with Bug girl and wants to kill her before she lays his children for the world to found out about Hus love for Bug girl?

  4. 10:49 I love how smart baby ends up being roadkill. you guys should drop what you're doing and make part 7!

  5. "We're keeping an eye on crime in this city" -Captain Robbie, moments before getting fucking pummeled by a big-ass truck.


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