GTFO : Endless Darkness


Defend the point, the monsters come.
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Clean up in Sector 5 where strange creatures roam, and they have a sensitivity to light, movement, sudden noises – pretty much if you’re assigned this duty, I hope your life insurance is paid up cause you’re going to be in a world of pain. Move swiftly young prisoner, cause your days may be numbered. Oh yikes.

Your Prison Boys are
Joefudge :
Tomato :
Charborg :

Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. videos are a tad too short and sparse to stay interesting. As soon as I get interested in a game you guys are playing there's 2 episodes of another game popping in between. It's really annoying and there's zero tension.

  2. They did a hell of a job on the music. That door bashing count down they do with the loud thumping is incredible and really sets the mood

  3. This game looks fun but idk man something about the gunplay and enemy attacks just being lights that fly at you just turns me off

  4. The atmosphere of this game is fantastic but me and a few friends that tried it all had the same issue with it. The guns felt terrible and hitboxes were pretty off in places. For example the top 1/4 of enemies heads let bullets pass straight through. Tested it on each other as well and found the same issue. A lot of times it felt like shots were just not connecting but this was like 3 months back so maybe they fixed it.

  5. Anyone else get "playback error" when trying to play videos? It lasts for the duration that the ad would. Have youtube finally got around adblocker?

  6. Gonna be real, this sounds like an ubisoft gameplay video. Was criken paid for this one or is he legit invested?

  7. The fight before the scene in the beginning was also nerve-wracking. The tendrils woman was so damn scary.

  8. Man this is rough watching you play this criken, not very good at this to say the least. I guess RPING is more of your thing and not FPS’S.

  9. Cricken, mah man. Those creatures won't die unless you destroy their hearts (the place that shines red when they are pulsating to find you). sometimes the heart is on the head, and sometimes its on the chest, hitting the hip won't do it at all.
    The scouts (Tentacles monsters) have a large range, if a single tentacle hit you he will do that blue light wave thing, warning every monter in the vicinity its usually a good idea to get away from him

  10. I remember watching Criken way back in the day and even talking to him frequently over IMVU. Recently I’ve been on a huge Criken kick again, it’s so nostalgic.


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