Heavy Rain: Criken's Parenting Tips & Tricks


I luv my sons and liife
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Listen up folks, it’s time I taught you a trick or two about raising your kids and being a dang cool dad while doing it. First step just gotta play some swords with them every once in a while second step probably don’t help your wife get the plates also don’t forget to pack two dollars in your wallet in case balloon man comes a calling

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  1. I like how the dad totally saved Jason, but then he still dies. 8:35
    If anything the dad would be dead, and the car was moving slow as hell anyways.

  2. 8:31 That stupid woman should not be driving a car, there was nothing blocking her vision to prevent her from seeing the boy in the vibrant green shirt running across the road. She had several seconds to react.

  3. I have to confess, I haven't seen any Criken videos since Snow: The Last Gnar, and I feel so guilty about it. I'm catching up now that my midterms are over and I'm so glad I chose to because all of these are hilarious. I love ya man, sorry I left you behind for a bit. You were always in my heart, just not in Youtube's algorithms, because I didn't get notifications.

  4. We're going to hold this against you for a while. "Oh remember that time when you let some dude rape a girl?"


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